Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY

Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY


Surface Magic Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY offers you top-notch refinishing solutions that will recreate the old aesthetic appeal of any of your countertops. Those kitchen and bathroom accessories are extremely important parts of the Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY home environment and not just from a practical standpoint. Those rooms have to represent certain cleanliness. Let’s be honest, when we step into a kitchen or a bathroom, we like to see a certain kind of aesthetic appeal along with that cleanliness. Scratched, damaged or broken countertops won’t allow you to achieve that atmosphere and this is where we come into the picture.


We have great working relationships with numerous contractors and design firms. We are happy to subcontract for you at highly competitive rates. We offer a variety of services, simple color changes, custom looks including our stone fleck applications, and repairs for cracked shower or tub basins. Our process works great for tubs, tile, counter tops, vanities, sinks even appliances. Contact us today for special pricing. 716-381-5607

Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY

Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY Ideas

Stainless steel countertops work well with high temperatures, making them the perfect option for areas near cooktops. Stainless steel counters can serve as a great resting place for hot pots and pans while adding a contemporary look to your kitchen. One of the downsides of a stainless steel countertop is that it does scratch easily. A countertop contractor can help you choose the best countertop for your home and budget. You can also look at Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY as a smart alternative to replacement.

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There is a great chance that your goal is to avoid having to pay copious amounts of money, which is what a countertop replacement usually warrants. As you probably know, it is not a matter of taking it out and replacing it, it is much more complex than that. This process often involves some destruction in your kitchen or bathroom, after which you will be left having to pay not just for the replacement itself but for the repair jobs as well that will follow. This can be a very stressful and costly process that can be avoided altogether if you just allow us to do what we do the best.

Refinishing Countertop To Look Like Granite

Have your countertops seen better days? Can’t afford new countertops but still dying to update your dull or outdated counters? From scratches and stains to dents and dings kitchen and bathroom countertops take a lot of abuse. Get an upgraded look without the cost by having your countertops repaired or refinished. Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY is an easy and inexpensive way to get your counters looking like new again. To determine the repairs that need to be made to your countertops, it’s important to let a countertop contractor assess their condition. Contractors are familiar with the various countertop surfaces and their unique repair needs. Let Surface Magic help you with countertop repairs and resurfacing.

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Looking to add a warm and natural appearance to your space? Consider Refinishing those Old Outdated Countertops with the help of Surface Magics Stone finish. With over 60 different color choices to choose from. Plus it is very durable as well. Heat tested to 280 degrees. You are sure to find that look your after.

Refinishing Countertop To Look Like Granite

We will save both time and money for you and your client. Refinishing can save valuable time during the construction process, allowing you to focus on more important tasks while increasing your competitive edge. Don’t lose out on a whole job, because it’s more then your client is willing to spend.

New countertops are an essential part of a kitchen or bathroom remodel. After you are past the fun part of deciding what countertop option will look fabulous and work well with your space, it’s time for the heavy lifting installation. We recommend leaving countertop installation in the hands of a contractor who can make sure your countertops are level, secure, and the correct fit. From removing your old countertop and making sure your new countertop fits correctly around sinks and appliances, to sealing and polishing the new surface, contractors can handle every part of your countertop installation. If you are looking for someone to install new kitchen counters or bathroom vanities in your home, we may be able to help point them out if it helps,

Laminate countertops are one of the most popular countertop options because they are less expensive. Laminate is a low-maintenance countertop option as it is easy to clean with soap and water. One of the negatives with a laminate surface is that knives or hot pans can create damage that is difficult to repair. So we can take those existing countertops and give them a complete makeover at a cost you can afford with Countertop Refinishing Buffalo NY | Niagara Falls NY